Because property issues
are never onesided:
The strenghts of our multidisciplinary work.

  • International tax law
    and criminal tax law

    Our clients include families, companies and funds domiciled internationally. We provide them with comprehensive support in all aspects of international tax law and criminal tax law. We advise both on the relocation abroad of private individuals from Germany and on the correct structuring of foreign companies in accordance with the criteria of German tax law.

    Schwarz & Körner represents you in criminal tax proceedings as well as in the execution of voluntary self-disclosures in order to avoid punishment. In addition, our special expertise applies to all issues involving the jurisdictions of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein – as well as international foundation law.

  • Corporate Law/M&A/
    Capital Market Law

    We advise on all aspects of the law of partnerships and corporations: from the founding of companies to the implementation of capital measures, the change of shareholders, the execution of merger transactions to the sale of companies. Our special strength is the support of family businesses and family entrepreneurs with regard to the ideal structuring of companies according to the needs of the individual family members. On the basis of our multidisciplinary consulting approach, we always consider inheritance, tax and company law aspects. We advise private individuals, holding companies and private equity and venture capital funds on company acquisitions and co-investments as well as on legal and tax issues relating to their investments.

    Moreover, we advise our clients on capital market legal issues: regarding both shareholdings in listed companies and legal issues relating to fund initiators and fund investors.
  • Asset Succession
    and Foundation Law

    Our consulting services include structuring private and business assets with regard to tax and inheritance law. In this respect, we consider the anticipated succession of assets as well as the organisation of the succession into the company management. In addition, we advise founders and foundations on the establishment of a foundation as well as providing answers to ongoing legal and tax questions regarding family foundations and charitable foundations. With regard to international structures (foundations, trusts, institutions, life insurance policies, etc.), we represent both institutions and beneficiaries in dealing with legally unclear asset assignments.

  • Legal and Tax Advice
    for Family Offices

    As a result of our multidisciplinary consulting approach, we provide legal and tax advice to various family offices and families with complex asset structures within the framework of a long-term advisory service. In view of the multifaceted interests involved, it is efficient when the support is provided over a longer period of time and from a single source.

    Smooth coordination with your business advisors, such as asset managers or banks, is important to us. As part of our long-term advisory services, we offer our clients the preparation of regular consolidated asset reports, income tax returns and annual financial statements. We also provide assistance with the ongoing accounting.

    We are also pleased to assist our clients with day-to-day tax law issues and prepare the accounting, annual financial statements and tax returns.
  • Real Estate Law

    We advise our clients on the transfer of real estate – be it by way of purchase/sale, cost-free transfer, contribution to companies regardless of legal form or the settlement involving co-owners/communities of heirs or civil partnerships. In addition, we advise on the division of real estate into condominiums and portions of properties jointly owned, property development law and the structuring of real estate and real estate portfolios. As a result of our multidisciplinary approach, we never view real estate mandates in isolation, but always in combination with the tax, corporate, family and inheritance law aspects relevant to the given case.